I'm Jen!


I am obsessed with design, colour & unique character.


For a brand to be understood by others it must first understand itself.


I love getting to know the personality of a brand or company in order to create a brand identity that depicts everything that it represents.


I grew up in a world of colour and typography as my father was the Director of Letraset, famous for it's old rub-down transfers; Colours, fonts, posh pens, typography and graphic design is in my blood.


I completed a Packaging & Graphic Communications degree at Surrey Institute of Art & Design in 2004 and ever since I have been working both in agencies and freelance on an array of different disciplines, including:


Packaging Design  |  Graphic Design  |  Logo Design & Brand Identity  |  Graphic Illustration  |  Design for Production  |  Design for Print  | Website Design 


I am ideas-driven. They don't always come instantly but most often the first ones are always the best. I pride myself on my ability to connect to a client or brand and have a vision of what they need to look like in order to attract their key target audiences, stand out in the market and be understood.

My private life is creatively chaotic! I have 3 children ( all BOYS!) and an ever-patient husband. :)

In this new business atmosphere, ideas are money. Ideas, in fact, are a new kind of currency altogether-more powerful than money. One single idea - especially if it involves a great brand concept - can change a company's entire future.  Marc Gobe- Emotional Branding