Brand Design

Is your business or company's image doing it justice? 

I can help you to make sure you are appealing to the right target market and see that you get noticed. Whether you have an existing logo/identity that needs updating, or you are starting from scratch, I can help you to get the right look for you.

I work with all sizes of companies, from big operations to small, independant traders.



We supply you with a brand pack, outlining all brand elements including: final logo in any colour-way and black and white, Pantone references. Fonts and any other brand icons/graphics.


When you are starting a new business there is a lot to think about and getting your business out there once all the ducks are in line is an important one!

You don't have to do it all at once but a strong brand image is a vital and very helpful step you can take.


I often work with clients who have been using the same logo for many years. Sometimes it needs changing as it is outdated and no longer fit for the job and sometimes a change in direction of a business requires it.

Whatever your reason, don't sit on a stale logo for a second longer! I can help you to make either the small or large changes you need to continue to compete in the ever-growing marketplace.


It could be that you have a logo but you need to make an extension to it in order to appeal to a new target market or work in a new business sector or industry. 

I work with clients to extend their existing branding to allow it to grow alongside their business and not hold them back. 

This could be the introduction of further brand devices, strap-lines, sub-brands or leading brand copy and imagery.


Something that I get asked to do a lot these days is to re-create an existing logo for a customer. Usually the client has one or two really bad quality logos in jpeg format and they are a tiny file size and they have a very low-resolution fuzz about them. They often have no recollection of who originally did the logos for them or it is just too long ago to revisit.

Of course this is no good for most applications that are used today. I can take your fuzzy ugly logo and re-create it exactly as it is from scratch to supply you with a shiny new logo in all of the editable formats you could ever need. This allows you to enlarge the logo to the size of a double decker bus without it going fuzzy (should you wish to do this!), you can overlay your logo on an image without the ugly white jpeg box, you can change the colour of your logo with the click of a button ( sometimes handy!) and you can create masks ( where your logo is outlined in order to print on clothing, merchandise or make it into vinyl lettering, to name just a few examples of application.

The options are endless when you have a complete set of branding files! Prices for this can vary due to the complexity of the logo but you will be looking at £75-150 for this with all files supplied.*

*Files include .eps, .png, .jpeg,